Deep Belly Laugh

I had this moment in one of my three kindergarten classes today, right in the middle of singing “tu ti ta” (inspired by this video:….

While singing, I realized that the behavior specialist, standing behind all the kids, got a good view of their rear ends as we bend over in the song — and in one case with a little girl, got a little too much of a “view!” Every new round of bending over while singing made me think how the poor specialist was probably being mooned over and over again….and at one point, I just completely lost it. Couldn’t stand, couldn’t sing, couldn’t breath. It was uncontrollable laughter to the max. The kids just looked at me like something was wrong. It didn’t help that the specialist kept chiming in, sarcastically, “wow, I have the best view!” Somehow I got myself back on track.

I have not laughed that hard in so long. Thank you kindergartners, and your inability to detect a breeze, for that moment.


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