I Suppose I’ll Keep This Job

If I could teach Kindergarten and 1st grade all the time, I think I would. They are sooooo sweet! Here are a few things they said to me today….

2nd grade girl: “Srta. Taylor, thank you for being our teacher.” (DAWWW!!!)

2nd grade boy: “I hope you have a good rest of your week. I’m sorry I wasn’t here last week.” (So cute)

Kindergartener, right after I finished complimenting him on how well behaved he was and how hard he was working to pay attention: “I’m paying attention because I really want to learn Spanish.” (sniff, sniff…)

But then again, one of my 4th graders just brought me back a neat woven bag from Cozumel, which was just one of the places she took my flat Señorita to help her travel the world! She loves Spanish (and thus, me) so much, it radiates from her. It is kind of great to see what effect you can have on kids as they grow up.

I suppose I’ll keep them all, then.


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