Help At-Risk Youth in Heredia, Costa Rica with 1 Like & 1 Share


(Then like it & share it on your own wall! Feel free to include the description below.)

“Nice to meet you, my name is Steven Fonseca. I live in Heredia, and the project that I have is to work with young people at social risk by means of ????. No one wants to work with adolescents because adolescents are the most difficult, they are the most difficult people, but we were all adolescents at one point, and when we were motivated, or when some one was at our sides, we could make some changes. We want to work with the adolescents through 3 elements: soccer, education, which is in the form of English classes, and the formation of social learning.  We want to give incentives to the young people first through sport, like a hook, later the English classes because they are going to be learning a tool…. that will better them professionally and grow this job market, and of course involving them in being social entrepreneurs. So from 12, 13, or 14 years old they’re already going to start being aware that the values (taught) and that leadership are not just theories, that you have to go to work for the community, you have to do things for others, and you have to serve the country.”

As you could probably also tell from watching the video, Costa Ricans speak FAST, so I no matter how many times I listened to a few of these words, I could not figure out what he was saying. I think the 2-3 words we’re missing aren’t enough to take away from the big message — and that message is a powerful one. Steven is proposing to change his country one adolescent at a time for the betterment of the economy, the community, and people’s lives.

To help Steven win $500 to realize his idea, he must earn more points than other project submissions. For each like on his video, he will receive 1 point. For each share, he will receive 2 points. I know the adolescents of Heredia, Costa Rica would really benefit from this program and would appreciate the few clicks its takes for you to earn Steven 3 additional points. As I already mentioned, feel free to copy & paste what I have written here to help your English-only speaking friends understand the importance of Steven’s project, or just link back to this blog post if you wish.

THANK YOU! ¡Gracias!


For more information on what this group is doing (sorry, it’s all in Spanish!) you can check out their Facebook page or watch this YouTube video.


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