Incredible: Baby Survival Training


This can be summed up in one word: INCREDIBLE. I don’t have children, but I work with kids ages 5-11 every day so I am very sensitive to the need to prepare children for the world. Babies are especially tough because they are developing everything — cognitive ability, motor skills, empathy/emotional awareness, social behavior, and many, many other things.  Since every baby has low cognitive skill and poor motor control (compared to adults), they are at particular risk of getting harmed. Simply — they don’t know any better! They don’t understand the relationship of falling from heights and hitting the ground harder, or what happens if you submerge yourself in water. They only develop this awareness with age and with good parental involvement. If our parents don’t teach us about these relationships, unfortunately, experience will. This training helps us help children be safe and develop the age-appropriate skills that contribute to our own survival. There would undoubtedly be fewer infant and child deaths if more children were trained like this.

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