Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts

Read: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/ae/art-architecture/40-foot-rubber-duck-coming-to-pittsburgh-690192/

If you don’t know by now, Pittsburgh is a very cultural city that’s always bringing in new shows, arts, and events for the enjoyment of its residents. This may be the first year for this particular event, as I found no information on how many years it has been running or anything really to that extent (pun intended). I will go, probably just to snap photos of the giant rubber ducky floating on the rivers. How can you not want to see that? This ducky has been in cities like Sydney, Sao Paolo, and Hong Kong — and now Pittsburgh!! (We’re on the map, baby!)

If you’ll be in town this fall and want to check it out, the official website says the festival begins September 27th and lasts through October 26th. You’ll have to check the website to see what else you can see, aside from the rubber ducky, as well as the dates the visual arts displays and performance events will be available. Check it out here: http://trustarts.org/events/pages/pittsburgh-international-festival-of-firsts/


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