My Life Has a Sense of Humor

I have always said (and many, many people have agreed), that my life should be a sitcom. So many things have happened that are just plain hilarious. They’re not always hilarious right away, but with time the pain fades and the humor grows. I’ve been spared from these types of situations for awhile now. My life has been fairly normal, which I suppose means I was overdue for something like this. Yes, it’s true. Irony has caught up with me — and it met me literally at my front door today.

A little back-informaiton: I’m at my brother’s house again this week. I stay here to take care of his dog and mine when he is on business trips, and it works out because I get to train both dogs. On to the story…

So after taking Tucker, my brother’s dog, on a walk this afternoon, we were coming back in to the house, happy that the walk of pulling was now over. We almost made in to the dry, cool salvation of the house, too. Almost. I had the storm door open and  had just finished twisting the door knob to the main door when I heard CRACK! and felt a downpour of stinky, dirty water on me. My thoughts were: “Did I just get booby trapped like on one of those old-school Nickelodeon shows or something?” Nope. The gutters, which my brother is getting replaced soon, decided to give out a little early. They didn’t fall down completely, but the entire section above the doorway separated from the house, effectively sloshing out most of their contents right on top of me and Tucker. OF COURSE they had to give out when I was under them, right? The other 23 hours and 50-some minutes of the day when I am not standing directly under the gutters really is impractical… and boring! And, since I’m just getting over a viral eye-infection and sinus cold, the water HAD TO get into my eyes. HAD TO. There’s no other option in this story.

Yeah, so I’ve gotten everything cleaned up, including me, Tucker (Cora too for good measure), the floors, my clothes, and what not — but I’m still sitting here wondering why those 30 seconds that I was under the gutters had to be the 30 seconds they decided to dump everything out. Like, really? Someone’s punking me, right?



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